Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MRI Results

We went to the neurologist today to get the results of Avery's brain MRI (we don't have the cardiac MRI results yet). In a nutshell, she did not have a dramatic brain injury indicative of a stroke (and therefore it would have not been related to any of her operations). Instead, she had brain damage on both the left and right sides (the left was more predominate which explains the cerebral palsy on just the right side) that was indicative of in-utero and preoperative damage due to decreased oxygenation of the brain ventricles.

On the left side in particular, the brain damage is right where the ventricles near the stem which in all kids is their motor function location. Any other spots of brain damage that were found were too diffuse to pin to any other cognitive, motor or behavioural delay. And it was these spots (more than those of obvious motor function) that Avery will most likely be able to "re-map" since a child's brain is so much more elastic than an adult's.