Monday, October 31, 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Avery's First Day of Preschool

Ave started school today at Renfrew in Sundance. She is in a class with two, three and four years old with varying degrees of delays. She was the most cheerful kid there (IMO) but was dwindling after the mere hour we were there! Tomorrow begins the first full day of school where she will take a bus and be gone for three hours a day! (I bet she falls asleep in her dinner tomorrow night!)

I arrive...I look stellar!
Time to go through all these books...don't worry - none of those books will be left standing after I'm here.
Daddy needs my help with the flaps!
Now it's play-doh time! I just love the duck and butterfly stamps!
After 45 minutes, I'm exhausted. Time to power up with some AJ!
Really didn't want to commit to a picture with Mom and Dad...I had stuff to do (like cocoa-bonk Dad in the chin!).
I felt that the only way they would let me go was if I looked at the camera. I made my escape mere seconds later!
What? Me, tired? What gave it away? The sleepy eyes, the hair pulling, the comfy corner I found?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To Steal a Strawberry!

So say you're two and it's your first visit to the garden. It is at that time that you spy a strawberry on the vine and, given that it's one of your favorite fruits, you then attempt to nip one. Here's how you go about it...

1. Spy one.
2. Assess your chances.
3. Realize that just putting it in your mouth will save you from having to remove it from the vine.
4. Enjoy your first bite.
5. Go back at it again.
6. Enjoy your second bite.
7. Successfully retrieve the rest of the strawberry with that bite. Ensure you sit in the wet dirt to fully appreciate the moment.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sleepy Girl!

Going, going, gone!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Perfect Summer Pics!

Look at this happy girl and all this pretty summer color!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Avery Loves Big People Shoes!

Avery will wear just about any shoes she finds around this house. Yesterday I was lucky enough to catch her in my heels, sans attire and out in the beautiful sunshine. It was all she could do to walk around but she was pretty pleased with herself....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dental Surgery All Done!

Ave had ten rotten teeth out of sixteen. She got root canals and crowns on her molars, white fillings in another three and three yanked out. She was pretty good about most of it (esp. beforehand), hated the IV and wolfed down some food before we even left the hospital. She is at her grandparents tonight so she is pretty much back to normal. Whew!

Now she's toothless, drooly and sleepy...but back to smiling!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back to the Old Plan for Ave...

Had Ave up at the Child Development Centre for her speech/physio/OT appointment today. After talking with her speech therapist about her upcoming dental surgery and her lack of improvement in putting together sentences since her last appointment in March, she is going to reassess Ave to get her preschool funding for September. That means that Ave will be headed to school for a few hours each afternoon, five days a week, with a class that will include all the speech, physio and OT aid that she may require.

In addition, we need to work on stretching her hamstring on her right side to get it looser. If we fail to do that, and her tendon stays tight for an extended period of time, she would have to start getting her leg casted to modify the way she uses her legs. Hmm...curious to see if she lets us do it!

Lastly, I think I will try to find her a more supportive chair (like the one in the picture) for when she works on fine motor skills or reading. She tenses up so much without support and as such, she is not giving 100 percent attention to the task at hand.

Oh my! There's always so much to think about for that little girl!