Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To Steal a Strawberry!

So say you're two and it's your first visit to the garden. It is at that time that you spy a strawberry on the vine and, given that it's one of your favorite fruits, you then attempt to nip one. Here's how you go about it...

1. Spy one.
2. Assess your chances.
3. Realize that just putting it in your mouth will save you from having to remove it from the vine.
4. Enjoy your first bite.
5. Go back at it again.
6. Enjoy your second bite.
7. Successfully retrieve the rest of the strawberry with that bite. Ensure you sit in the wet dirt to fully appreciate the moment.


Jan Scholl said...

Hey Avery. It was so cold and wet this spring I missed all the strawberries. I did not get one single bite. But the blueberries are coming in this week and I am gonna get some of those. Michigan is the top grower of high bush blueberries in the united states. That way you reach up to pick them and not get all dirty! But it sure is fun to sneak a strawberry while scooting on the ground! I'm with you.

Susie said...

So CUTE!!! I love strawberries, too. Wish I could grow them here. Too many bugs like them, though.

Anonymous said...

what a doll. I cannot stand how cute your kids are!!!

Ida said...

Yum! I'd eat em that way too if I could still get down on the ground and bend over like Avery! So cute.

Sue from Oregon said...

Looks like she so loved her bites of yummy!