Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dental Surgery All Done!

Ave had ten rotten teeth out of sixteen. She got root canals and crowns on her molars, white fillings in another three and three yanked out. She was pretty good about most of it (esp. beforehand), hated the IV and wolfed down some food before we even left the hospital. She is at her grandparents tonight so she is pretty much back to normal. Whew!

Now she's toothless, drooly and sleepy...but back to smiling!


Jan Scholl said...

Awww-Avery you sure are a brave little cutie. Will you hold my hand when I have my mouth surgery? I have been saving a long time for a new tooth and I hope to get it in my stocking for Christmas. Even without some teeth, you are still the cutest sweet pea around. Big hugs from Michigan.

Susie said...

Avery, you are amazing, Sweetie.