Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Avery Crawls Up the Stairs

Yesterday, T and I spent some time with Ave as she worked on going up the stairs. She got up six of them and then slowly backed down. Then T went off to play and I needed to get dinner started. Ave headed off to the front room to play with toys. About five minutes later, I hear her bellowing (but that's normal...she's excessively chatty sometimes). I went to look for her...she wasn't in the front room or the bathroom (toilet fishing typically). The only place she could be was upstairs...and yep, she did it. She climbed all the way up, unattended, and was standing up holding on to Charlotte's bed grinning away. She was so proud of herself. I said "How did you get up here?". She just laughed, hit the edge of the bed with her hand and then started to bellow again. I then took her downstairs so I could at least finish dinner without her finding any new adventures!

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mudmaven said...

Way to go Ave! Time for a gate? I had to get one when the twins were living with me - too scary. ~chris