Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ave's Making the Big Leagues!

Got about eight calls this week from the Perinatal and Infant Services clinics up at the Children's Hospital. Each time it was a new person I was talking to (which meant giving them the whole lowdown on Ave's history and current development) but, on a good note, I did finally get Ave into speech therapy and advanced physio starting at the end of this month. It always seems whenever I am talking to them, Ave always figures out something (as if to make a liar out of me). This afternoon she stood alone for the length of the ABC song. After that, she wouldn't wait that long but instead would take a couple steps forward until she could wrestle herself into my arms. All good signs of improvement!


Jan Scholl said...

Avery is getting set to fly!

OM gosh I love those dimples.

Susie said...

What a cutie pie! Big girl steps! Love the hair.

Anonymous said...

wonderful. she is a true doll.