Thursday, March 4, 2010

Getting Bigger All the Time!

Here is our big girl in her seat. She chatters a mile a minute in the car now since she can see so much more of her world. In some cases, she will scream to be heard over her brother and sister! Ha!

In this, her fourteenth month, she delights in playing piano, blocks and SmackTalk. She is eating well, sleeps through (most times) save the midnight milk and is cruising at a clip whenever she sees something she wants. We have physio next Thursday (to work on sitting, standing and eventually walking). Candice (the nanny) snapped a picture of her sitting on her own (watching show) so she did do it once! Now we just have to have Charlotte Diamond on continuous loop for her to do it again...hee hee! Her things to annoy Mommy include (which makes her giggle): smacking Mommy, sucking on the strings of her Mommy's shirts, pulling the plug out of the tub, purposely throwing her meal on the floor (while she looks at you as if she's testing your reaction) or dumping out the cat's food on the floor (but at least she has stopped eating it!).

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