Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Upper motor neuron lesion (hemiplegia)

Things to watch for with Avery:
  • Problems with gait. Overactive use of hip to compensate for stiff knees.
  • Difficulties with complex hand use from buttons to tying shoes to holding a pencil.
  • Challenges with turns and pivots.
  • Might have an issue with activities that require her arms to be over her head (such as catching a ball or putting a shirt on).
  • Will likely be unstable when it comes to toilet training. Expect that she will be in diapers for some time.
Milestone today: Sat up in the tub for most of her bath. She was interested in sucking on a wash cloth or holding on to Nemo (her fish) so she seemed focused on her play rather than her balance. She surprised me when I caught her that way since I had been harping on Charlotte to get dressed so we could pick up T! (Forever naked...that's C!)

Something for further research: Constraint Induced Therapy

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