Friday, September 10, 2010

Ave's 21 Month Perinatal Clinic Visit

We had one of those long three hour appointments at the hospital's the results:
  • Had a psychological test for an hour to check on Ave's language and motor delays. They are quite happy with how agile she is and kept remarking how "determined and strong-willed" she was (esp. since she did not allow them to check her ears, eyes, heart or blood pressure...yeesh!). They like how she worked with tools and by her inquisitive nature in figuring out how things work.

    Her language is quite delayed given that she does not articulate much of the basics at all. While she will sing along with her favorite songs, much of it is still at the "scream along in fun stage" rather that speaking the actual words. Finally, she is not cluing in to the concepts as they are being explained to her as most kids her age would (e.g., when asked to "point to your arm" or "look at the light", she does not respond).

  • Her hearing test was fine (we had another session in the soundproof booth) however she did not let the pathologist look at her ear drums. Probably a good idea since I am sure they were dirty given her recent fondness for sticking her fingers in her ears (esp. at dinnertime!).

  • The pediatrician did not have much luck in actually getting any of her vitals, reflexes or visual/auditory feedback (Ave was not having any of it and was esp. tired at this point). Given our discussions, she wants Ave to be checked out by an opthamologist (since when she is tired, her right eye tends to wander) and the stroke clinic.

    In going to the stroke clinic, much of it would largely be informational (since they don't do much more than research). However, they could recommend an MRI to get the full extant of any brain damage and offer advice to her speech, occupation and physical therapists on areas that they should pay particular attention to.
She was so tired after all of this (esp. since we had bought her walker and she ran all over that joint) that she snored like a trucker on the way home. And her thrush is clearing up which is making her much happier than she was last weekend! Now we all have to just catch up on our sleep...hmm...

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