Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Big Steps and Little Steps

This afternoon I got Avery's psychological assessment from the Perinatal Clinic at the hospital. Routinely given at the 21 month mark, the test evaluates cognitive, language and motor skill development. In addition, it offers some insight as to adaptability and temperament.
  • On cognitive, she scored in the 9th percentile. Essentially operating at a 15 month old level.
  • On language, she scored less that the 1st percentile. Operating at a 12 month old level for expression and a nine month old for reception.
  • On motor, she scored less that the 1st percentile. For fine motor skills, she is operating as a 13 month old would, for gross motor skills, she operates as an 11 month old would.
  • For her social and emotional development, she is considered average with a score at the 25th percentile.
  • For her adaptive score (i.e., her ability to be independent, solve problems and self-help), she scored in the 5th percentile. Sleeping, of course, proves the biggest hurdle and her stubbornness makes it challenging to teach her new concepts when she is unwilling to tackle them.


Lorie said...

I'm sure that was a bit disappointing but God gave her the parents who are best equipped to handle it all. You guys are doing a great job!

Alli Miles said...

I couldn't agree with Lorie more Allison. I know your road all too well and I would be more than willing to talk to you about it. Because of my experience with my son I have now become a support worker and special education teacher with my families. Don't be discouraged yet. She is young and has SO much time to move forward. I highly recommend a neurodevelopmental approach. Sylvia Funk who lives in Okotoks could provide some KEY things to help improve in the low areas. We have seen AMAZING things happen within our school but also with our son Andrew. Hugs. FB me if you want :)

Jan Scholl said...

Avery is her own unique being. She may lag a bit here and there but that sunshine blossom has been thru a lot (as have mom and dad) and each step she takes big small or in between is a step toward growing up, growing well(er) ((is that a word?)) and finding her spot in a small world looking outward to a bigger world. As things click in her head, those aha moments will gel together and help her and you so much. Dont you give up on her or let anyone else put her in a percentile corner. I predict she will surprise a lot of people on her next testing. The challenges of today will be the breakthrus of tomorrow. I don't have an answer about the sleeping (since I am an insomniac myself-and I curse like a sailor when I am exhausted). Hopefully Avery wont hear those words, right?

Janet said...

Oh couldn't agree more - Avery is her own unique little girl and poppy-cock to percentile averages. God has given her everything she needs to date and will continue to do so throughout her life. You and your family show her love everyday and that allows her to see that she is capable of anything and everything through that love. I have been privileged and honored to not only to get to know her wonderful mother, daddy and siblings, but to see her grow so far and can't wait to see what's coming up next :) Don't be discouraged, everything will come at the right time ~~HUGS ~~